Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

“So, do you offer strength training or just MAT?” It’s a question we get asked a lot here at AIM. Trainer Chris explains it this way. 

One of the jobs on my spring cleaning checklist is to change the filter and check the HVAC unit at my house. It was not blowing cold air, so I called my neighbor, who is an HVAC repair man, to come over and help. The job required me to remove a few 5/32 hex head slotted screws from the vent. I had a few options of tools I could use. I started with a flathead screwdriver. Obvious choice, but it wasn’t getting a good grip on the screw head. I could have gone with the drill with a flat head drill bit, but that was the wrong choice since the flathead screwdriver wasn’t working. At this point, my neighbor chimed in; “Want to use the 5/32 ratchet screwdriver?” “Nah, I got this,” was my retort. I got my socket set, hooked it up to the socket and start ratcheting it out. Of course, this became time consuming only getting a quarter turn with each twist. “Ok, go get that screwdriver,” I finally said. Once I started using the right tool, that pesky screw, and the rest of them came out with ease. I should have listened to the expert from the beginning. 
Now, could I have gotten the job done with the flathead screwdriver or the ratchet I was using? Yes, but it would have been time consuming and inefficient. By listening to the expert, the job got finished efficiently and effectively. Although I had several options to choose from, the expert provided the correct advice and tool to get the job done. 
“So, do you offer strength training as well as MAT?” Yes we do, it just depends on what is the most appropriate tool for that job. Is it a weight machine, a Muscle Activation Technique session, an isometric, a screwdriver, a ratchet or a drill? The job dictates the tool, not the other way around.”