We help you assess, improve, and maintain your muscle system so you can exercise and participate in the physical activities you love.

  If you’re looking for:

  • strength and flexibility improvement

  • cardiovascular conditioning

  • bone density enhancement

  • post-rehabilitation

  • sports specific training

  • general health and wellness

AIM Human Performance is the answer!  We work with you to leverage your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Our number one rule: Do No Harm. You can trust our highly educated trainers to minimize your risk and maximize your benefits.  Our second rule: Always be focused on the client.  When you train with us, you receive our full and undivided attention and assistance, every minute, and every single rep. 


Meet the Team

AIM Human Performance was created by husband and wife team Chris and Michelle Viggiano with the goal of raising the standard of personal training in the fitness industry.  They strive daily to be professional, educated, and completely focused on you and your well being.  Both Chris and Michelle have over a decade of experience in the industry and have dedicated their careers to the pursuit of knowledge.  While the average personal trainer earns just 6 hours of continuing education per year, Chris and Michelle earn over 100 hours each year going above and beyond.  This combination of expertise and experience ensures your training experience will be like no other.

Chris and Michelle believe that good health is a life-long commitment which requires an on-going, long term relationship. There are no "quick fixes." If you are looking for a muscle and exercise mentor to help you on the journey to good health, Chris and Michelle are ready to guide you.  


The Facility

We are a private, professional personal training facility.  Our resistance and cardiovascular equipment includes MedX, Nautilus, and Cybex.  Every piece has been hand selected because it's the best at getting the job done.  There are no mediocre tools because your body deserves the best.  

Client Testimonials

I have trained with Chris for twice a week since first meeting with him, and I plan to continue to do so in my quest to be in excellent competitive shape for my favorite sport – squash racquets.
Chris and I get along very well during our training sessions, and I am extremely grateful for the effort he has made to learn more about my sport in order to provide me with appropriate training. His great sense of humor and outgoing personality, combined with his sincere care for my health and success, has led to a wonderful
bond between us. Most importantly, Chris is very creative in his workout plans for me, which really adds to both the intrigue and functional benefit of each workout. He always seems hungry for more knowledge, yet his style of interacting with his clients is as friendly and down-to-earth as you could imagine.
— Mallard O
Michelle has been my instructor /coach for over 12 years now. I can honestly say that she is the most dedicated and professional trainer I have ever worked with! As a woman well into my 60’s, thanks to Michelle’s help, I have been able to attain and maintain strength, flexibility and balance and to manage some issues with my back. I am so very grateful for her help and guidance (and friendship) over these many years. Thank you, Michelle!
— Pam D
I have trained with Chris Viggiano three times a week for more than a year. I began with him when I was feeling out of shape, overwhelmed, and with a knee injury that significantly limited my range of motion. Today, I feel strong and fit, and I walk up steps and otherwise use my knee without any problems. Chris designs workouts for me that are creative, varied, fast-paced and tailored to my (many) injuries. We meet in the mornings, and despite the early hour Chris is consistent in his demeanor: upbeat, cheerful and motivating. He doesn’t “judge” his clients or try to fit them into a single mould - rather, he meets them where they are. He is compassionate, and he knows how to motivate someone without pushing - that approach results in lifestyle changes that are sustainable and authentic. Each of Chris’ workouts is tailored not just for the needs of each person, but also for that person’s needs of that day. For example, each of my workouts begins with a “check” of the problem areas, and if there are any problem areas, Chris customizes the routine to address and strengthen that particular weakness. While we spend a lot of time laughing during my workout, Chris keeps me focused on the proper execution of the each exercise. His exercises are innovative and the product of his continuous learning - it’s not uncommon for other trainers in the gym to watch a new exercise Chris has created for his clients, and ask Chris questions about it. Chris seems to be a resource to other trainers in the gym, and he is clearly a leader. Chris has been a wonderful influence of health and fitness in my life, and a catalyst for change. I would recommend him highly, as a person, as a coach and as a personal trainer.
— Misti M
After experiencing pain while running and minimal relief through other avenues, a friend recommended MAT to me. Michelle was a pleasure to work with. She always took the time to listen to my issues and did a great job identifying muscles that were not functioning correctly each session. I have learned techniques to build strength and am more aware of the muscles need to run efficiently. I would recommend her to any athlete looking to improve performance!
— Kim W
I have known Michelle, and benefited from her instruction of Chair Pilates, for at least 3 years. Michelle is knowledgeable, very experience, sensitive to her students’ limitations, and continually solicits feedback during classes. She closely monitors students’ abilities and adjusts exercises to flexibly provide alternative for those unable to perform well. Michelle has more certifications in various methodologies than Carter has little pills. She is enthusiastic, is highly motivated to encourage students to improve, is always thoroughly prepared for each session with a progression of exercises designed to accomplish specific goals, and keep things going without undue stress. Michelle is the role model for a committed, experienced, effective physical instructor. Her sincere interest in this field is amazing to observe. I, and all those in my various classes, have only unlimited praise for her efforts; we feel fortunate, and lucky, to have found her. She is an excellent representative for the entire program, and would be difficult to replace. All the above is true, for sure. It is my pleasure to write the above, as I am normally known to not give praise easily, tend to be critical, and have high demands for quality performance. This statement is freely provided without any inducement, nor any promise of future compensation, nor any reward whatsoever. Really.
— Tony R
Chris Viggiano is the master of individualized personal training. From the outset, Chris fully focuses on the client. Every session begins “Tell me a story.” He listens, carefully absorbing information about my challenges, accomplishments, and goals. Chris specifically tailors each session to my condition on that day. Applying Muscle Activation Technique© positional testing, he precisely identifies the muscle that needs attention. Using his remarkable technical expertise, Chris devises isometric and resistance training specific to my needs. To my amazement, these gentle movements returned strength and range of motion to my golf swing that I thought was lost forever. Bottom line: this is one 61-year old who can now play golf (and move through life) without an ache or pain! Hmm…do you think I can do that cartwheel now?
— Janis W
At all times, I have found Chris to be professional in his demeanor and extremely conscientious in the manner in which he approaches his work with clients. As one of his clients, I have experienced his in-depth knowledge of exercise and strength training. I believe his greatest attribute is his ability to assess an individual’s needs and abilities. His assessment has led to a customized exercise program designed exclusively for me, and one that is varied in its approach and the type of equipment used. Just as important, his forward leaning attitude makes even the early Monday morning sessions bearable.
— Kevin D