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Assess, Improve, & Maintain your health



Welcome to AIM Human Performance where we are

Redefining Personal Training

"Personal - relating to, intended for, affecting a particular person"

- Webster Dictionary


At AIM Human Performance we see every client as one of a kind.

There is no one like you and no body like yours. That's why every workout, every exercise, is based on your body and your goals. Our highly trained muscle and exercise specialists custom fit exercise to your structure, abilities, and preferences, offering you a completely unique exercise experience. 

No Cookie- Cutter Plans

Workouts are appropriate and challenging on an individual basis.

  • Are you suffering from muscle weakness, tightness, and inflammation?
  • Do you want to reduce aches and pains?
  • Do you have muscular imbalances and compromised movement?
  • Are you looking to regain strength and flexibility?

Our exceedingly personalized approach allows us to work with anyone. If you want to improve your sports performance, are looking for body-sculpting guidance, are returning to exercise after an injury or surgery, or just want to age well and continue your active lifestyle, let us show you what real personal training feels like.


Science Based Personal Training

We don't follow the latest fitness fads or trends. At AIM Human Performance, we are committed to offering factual, scientifically-based information from all aspects of the health and fitness industry. Every trainer at AIM Human Performance completes over 100 hours of continuing education each year, making us one of the most educated personal training studios in the DMV.


Feel Better.


Move Better.


Perform Better.

Our focus is on helping you improve your muscular system so you increase strength, improve mobility, and protect your joint health. We do this through a mix of Muscle Activation Technique™ and custom fit exercise. This combination allows us to ASSESS your body's current state, select exercises that are safe and efficient for muscular IMPROVEMENT, and MAINTAIN this for the long term. This is the AIM Principle.