The AIM Principle

Through continuous assessment of the neuro-muscular system, we can appropriately choose exercises to improve muscular contractilability while maintaining the current health of the joint structure therefore allowing the body to continue to participate in physical activity over a lifetime. 

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The assessment process begins the first day you walk through the door at AIM Human Performance and continues every single workout. During the initial introductory session, we gather a complete health history looking at past injuries and activities, diet, sleep, stress levels, current injuries and activities, and your goals. We then utilize Muscle Activation Technique™ to check the quality of motion in each of your joints and assess your muscles' ability to generate force. We can then design a workout allowing you to progress from where you are currently.  

This assessment does not stop after the first day. At the beginning of every session you'll hear questions such as "How did you feel after our last workout? Have their been any changes in your sleep, diet, stress, or activity levels?" The combination of your feedback plus MAT™ will allow us to adjust your day's session accordingly.  This makes every workout customized to your unique body and goals ensuring you get the best results without compromising health. 

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How we do it, sets us apart.

The principles of the Resistance Training Specialist Program ™ guide the personal training at AIM Human Performance. Particularly important is the principle of Microprogression™ which states that exercise should be progressed in the smallest, reasonable steps. While many in the fitness industry take pride in implementing challenging workouts, we understand the difference between difficult and appropriate. This means taking the smallest steps so the body can adapt at the cellular and chemical level. Following the principle of Microprogression™ reduces risk of injuries, joint wear and tear, and ultimately leads to long-term success. This success is built on efficient and consistant hard work; no quick fixes. 

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Exercise is not a program; it's a life long process.

Do you want to be able to continue participating in the physical actives you enjoy? 

Whether that's running marathons, weekend golfing, your favorite yoga/pilates class, or chasing after the grandchildren, a consistent exercise program is the key to maintaining your favorite activities. Once we have improved the muscular system so it can tolerate many different types of forces, our focus becomes maintaining this strength as you age.  At some point in our lives, as we continue to age, we have to realize that maintenance is progress. Our focus at AIM Human Performance is guiding you on this life-long, progressive exercise process so that you can improve and maintain your strength for the rest of your life. 

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