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Spring Training: Tips for Gardners

Like the plants during the winter months that are tucked away under ground resting until spring, our bodies may also have been hibernating in our warm homes waiting for spring time. If you have not been consistent with your exercise routine over the winter months, you’re body may not be prepared to handle the work, motions, and positions that gardening requires. Here are 4 tips to help you strategically prepare your body for gardening season. 

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Returning to Exercise After a Fall

         ‘Tis the season for sleet, freezing rain, and ice here in Northern Virginia. This means you may find yourself slip, sliding, and hitting the pavement. Weather related, or non-weather related, falling can have long lasting implications on our physical and mental health. Exercise that maintains muscle strength, bone density, and balance is key to recovering from a fall and preventing another fall from occurring. Once your doctor has given you the green light to exercise again, follow our 4 tips for returning to exercise.

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