5 Tips for Exercising on Vacation

Ahhhh. . .summer vacation! A chance to break the routine, embark on an adventure, kick up our feet and relax. It can also be an opportunity to reset our mental, emotional, and physical selves.  Here at AIM, we are FIRM believers in the power of vacationing for the rest and recovery period it provides. However, we do not believe that vacations should be a time to slack on exercise.  Quite the opposite!

          Our day to day lives are so busy that exercising consistently can be a big challenge. The slower pace vacation provides can be the perfect time to commit to being consistent with exercise without all the usual daily struggles. Conversely, if you are already consistent with your exercise, it’s critical to at least maintain your level of fitness over vacation. It only takes a few days off to begin losing all that hard work. For both of these reasons, we believe exercising on vacation is a must. Here are 5 tips to help you exercise on your next vacation!


Tip #1: Plan Ahead

          Check with your hotel before you arrive to see if they have a workout room in their facility or if they have partnered with a local gym for a free or discounted pass. Staying at an AirB&B or vacation rental property? Research the neighborhood to see if there are any nearby gyms, pilates/yoga, or spin cycle studios that offer classes or guest passes. Prefer to be outside? Look for nearby trails or parks that provide safe walking or biking areas.

          Most importantly, schedule exercise on your travel itinerary. We’ve said it many times before here at AIM: If it’s scheduled on the calendar, you’re much more likely to do it. Additionally, if you’re traveling with others, this let’s them know ahead of time that you are committed to exercise and it is as important as seeing the sights.


Tip #2: Be Prepared

          Pack your workout clothes, athletic shoes, and your favorite headphones so you won’t have any excuses. Planning on exercising outdoors? Be sure to bring your sunscreen, hats, bug spray, and plenty of water. Don’t forget to check the weather before you go as well!


Tip #3: WALK

          We love to lounge on the beach or poolside as must as you do, but vacation is not a time to let up on your steps. Got a long flight ahead of you? Don’t take those people movers and escalators! Use your time in the airport to walk as much as you can before boarding that plane.

          Give your car a break and use your feet to walk to the beach, go to dinner at the restaurant, or hit the grocery store. Book a local walking or biking tour that allows you to exercise AND explore the town.

          Visiting with family on your vacation? Suggest walking and talking instead of sitting around. Circle the neighborhood while you catch up so everyone can get in some exercise.


Tip #4: Schedule Time to Weight Train

          It’s easier on vacation to engage in cardiovascular work than it is to weight train.  Walking, running, biking, kayaking, etc., challenge your heart and lungs, but in order to maintain your muscle mass over your vacation, you’ll need to prioritize weight training. Refer back to tip #1 and plan ahead to find a location where you’ll be able to lift weights at least a few times over your trip.


Tip #5: Try something new!

          Our favorite part of vacation is getting out there and trying something new that we don’t get to do at home. If you regularly take a yoga class, try a class on the beach. Never tried standup paddle boarding or surfing?  Take a lesson and give it a try! Hike to new heights, bike on a trail you’ve never been on before, or dive in and try snorkeling. We guarantee you’ll discover muscles you didn’t know you had before, challenge your body and brain in learning a new skill, and get plenty of laughs.


          So what are you waiting for? Book that vacation, schedule your exercise into your trip, and have fun!