An Update from our Intern

This summer, AIM has a new face who you may have seen around the studio. Michael is completing a summer internship at AIM and today on the blog, he’s sharing what he’s learned so far in the first 6 weeks. Stay tuned for more updates from him and be sure to follow us on social media so you can see his progress!

“At the beginning of Summer I started my internship at AIM. This is such a great opportunity as I want to go into the work force with exercise science! We have worked on/ read about how every client is different and there is not just one kind of client. Marketing is one of the biggest parts of starting your own business as you need to reach out to all ages through emails, social media, mail, and face to face interactions. We went through MAT, (Muscle Activation Techniques) which is a way to identify find and activate the muscles in your body that aren’t responding quick enough for not responding at all. We went through moment arms which is how far the line of resistance is to the axis, the further away it is the more tension is on the muscle making it harder. Exercise = Body (position) + Resistance (weight) + time (tempo or duration) + Effort (rep or set) + Intention. I learned all the ways the body moves in the frontal (side to side) sagittal (front to back) and transversal (rotation). We covered the way muscles move: flextion (up) extension (back) ab duction (away from torso) ad duction (towards the middle of torso) rotation internal (towards body) external(away from body) dorsal (foot comes up) plantar (foot goes down). We learned the bones and muscles in the leg: Tibia, Fibula, Patella. The muscles: semitendinosus, semimebranosus, short head, long head, rectus femoris, vastis lateralis, vastis medialis, vastis intermedius. The hip bone (iliac) attachment points: ASIS, PSIS,IAIS. The Iliac muscles:TFL, Pectinius, Brevus. The upper body: SCAPULA, Clavicle, Humerus and the muscles: deltoid, traps, lat, Rotator cuff, pec major, pec minor, lavator scapula. The study sessions are very interesting as we went through and looked at MU (Muscle Units) and how they change when people get older, and also how clients can get water with food not just drinking. I love this internship as I am getting so much crucial information that I will need when I go to college and beyond!”

Michelle Viggiano