Who can benefit from Muscle Activation Techniques?

Who can benefit from Muscle Activation Techniques?


    Muscle Activation Techniques is a unique, non-invasive technique designed to improve the muscular system for people of all ages. The goal of MAT is to identify and improve poor performing muscles so that the entire neuromuscular system functions better. So who can benefit from using Muscle Activation Techniques? 


  1. Anyone who wants to improve their athletic performance

    From pro-athletes to weekend golfers, MAT is designed to get the neuromuscular system performing at it’s very best so you can cross the finish line 0.1 seconds faster than your opponent or beat your neighbor at that pick-up game of hoops.  MAT got its start in the professional athletic world because it gave athletes the ability to execute at the top level and helped them avoid injury. This goes for weekend warriors as well. If you want to run your best 5K, place at your next power lifting competition, enjoy a long bike ride, or play pickle ball with friends, MAT can help improve your muscular system so you can perform your very best. 


2. Anyone who has aches, pains, and tightness, or is rehabilitating from an injury or surgery

    After a traumatic physical event like a surgery or an injury, the neuromuscular is often compromised. Additionally, just the process of aging can bring on aches, pains, and tightness that do not go away with traditional treatments such as stretching, foam rolling, and massage. This is a great time to bring in MAT! When muscles are weak, it can cause other muscles in the body to compensate, become tight, and even feel achy.  An MAT specialist can help identify those weak muscles and activate them so the body no longer needs to compensate or be tight. 


3. Anyone who notices muscular imbalances or has compensations

    As mentioned above, weak muscles can cause compensation patterns and muscular imbalances to appear. If you notice that one side of your body is weaker than the other, or one side of your body has limited range of motion compared to the other, this can be addressed with MAT. An MAT specialist will perform a full assessment to determine where your body may be compensating due to weak muscles. They will then work to address all the muscles that can help correct the compensation and muscle imbalance, which may or may not be in the same area where you are feeling the issue. 


4. Anyone who wants to decrease their risk of injury or anyone who wants to continue exercising/moving for life

    We believe that your health is your number one asset and that good health equals good quality of life and longevity. One of the key ingredients to good health is exercise!  Research continues to prove that exercise can improve your health in numerous ways, but that’s only true if you CAN exercise. If you are injured, or just want to continue to exercise as you get older, MAT is the tool to KEEP you exercising. Your car routinely undergoes maintenance checkups so that it lasts longer and does not break down on I-95. Your body should be the same way. MAT is your body’s maintenance checkup so that you can stay injury free and continue exercising.  When you are able to consistently exercise, you can reap the plethora of health benefits that come from exercise and enjoy a good quality of life and longevity.  


    If you fit into any of these groups, seek out a certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist in you area today by visiting www.muscleactivation.com