3 Signs You Need MAT

3 Signs You Need MAT®


                Last week, we gave you tips for staying committed to exercise so that you can reap the health benefits.  One of the hurdles in maintaining a consistent exercise plan can be a poor performing, or a lousy feeling body.  It’s hard to exercise when your body just doesn’t feel right.  Muscle Activation Technique® is a tool that can help get your body performing and feeling capable of exercise. Today we’re giving you 3 early warning signs that your body might be in need of Muscle Activation Technique®.

1.       One side of your body feels “different” than the other side.

Let’s say you’re at the gym and you’re performing a seated row exercise.  As you’re going through the motion, you notice that your right shoulder doesn’t feel like it moves as smoothly as the left one does.  Or maybe you are attending your favorite yoga class and you notice you can’t turn as much to the right as you can to your left.  What if you’re out on a bike ride and your right leg is tired long before your left leg is?

These are all situations where one side of your body doesn’t feel or perform like the other side.

If you notice a difference in:

·         Quality of Motion – Smooth and even versus shaky and uncontrolled

·         Range of Motion – One side is tighter or can’t move as far as the other side

·         Level of Effort – One side tires out or feels fatigued before the other side

These are all signs that it’s time to see your local MAT® practitioner who will be able to assess and treat underperforming muscles.  When these muscles are addressed, you’ll likely see an improvement in that lagging side.

2.       Performing your normal activities requires more effort

Every day, you take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood which involves a moderate size hill.  Usually this hill is no problem for you to tackle, but lately, it feels more like climbing Mt Everest. 

If you’re noticing that your daily activities are causing more fatigue than normal, you may have some muscles that are not performing efficiently.  MAT® can find and correct muscles that are not contracting well and bring them pack up to par. Once all of your muscle are contracting to the best of their ability, it makes day to day activities easy breezy!

3.       Your body “feels off”

Using the example above, while you are out walking Fido around the neighborhood, you notice your knee has some discomfort.  Maybe it feels tight, or there’s a feeling of instability. It might be an annoying nagging sensation, or maybe it’s a feeling that comes and goes. 

Too often we ignore these small clues and assume it’s no big deal. And while the feeling might go away, if left unchecked, it may turn into something bigger over time that may deter your ability to exercise in the future.  If we can’t exercise; our health suffers. Don’t ignore those tiny taps on the shoulder when your body feels off.  Book an appointment with your MAT® specialist who can help you feel your best so you can keep exercising!