Results from National Women’s Health Week

Last week we asked women to share with us what health advice they would give their younger self.  We’ve compiled a list of some of the answers we received.  Are you following this list of advice? Do you have a young person you could share this advice with? 

A big thank you to all the women who contributed!  If you’d like to add your advice, send us an email and we’ll be happy to share your knowledge with others.  

“Me to younger me:  1.  Don’t be so stupid! Lose that cigarette now!

2.  Do you really want to be wrestling with those Doritos and RC Colas the rest of your life?

3.  Yes, you CAN run a mile!

4.  Sunscreen and moisturizer!”


“Do your research (and trust it) when giving up meat. Not every body NEEDS an animal protein to be healthy.”


“Sunscreen! And don’t worry about counting calories. Eat whole, REAL foods and pay attention to your body’s cues for hunger and fullness!”


“Wear sunscreen early and often.”


“If it comes from a box, don’t eat it.” 


“Stretch, Stretch, Stretch. Don’t wear ridiculous shoes.” 


“Sunscreen fer shur.”


“Do not eat that burger. It will eventually stick to every part of your future self. Ps- and moisturize your neck!”


“Don’t take your doctor’s word as the final answer or truth.   The healthcare industry is a money making industry - don’t be afraid to go against the grain!”


“sunscreen is a biggie but also stretch!  flexibility wasn't on my radar and think i could staved off some chronic pain patterns in my body throughout some decades if i had known.”


“2 Things for me. I wish I had known about foam rolling. I also wish I had known about intuitive eating and had just developed a better relationship with food and the body at a younger age. While my eating issues, didn't start until after college, I wish I would have had that healthy relationship with food and the body earlier on. I think had that been taught, and had I known about strength training, etc, My body would be in a better place now.”


“Hrmm, exercise. Don’t take your metabolism for granted and eat crap. Don’t smoke, don’t drink too much, always wear sunscreen.”


“As senior to most of the above comments,  my list would be: 1) Never smoke (even e-cigarettes), 2) Exercise as a life habit, 3) Be aware of cholesterol levels—many of us inherit high levels.  This will establish a life long habit of healthy eating, even if you cheat when you want, 4) Sunscreen, sunscreen ,sunscreen for you and everyone you love, 5) Annual checkups as preventive medicine, especially gyn, 6) Laugh with your belly.”