"A" is for Assessment

This week, we’re breaking down the pieces of our AIM Principle. 

AIM stands for Assess, Improve, and Maintain. Each of these actions is an integral part of becoming and staying healthy. Today we are looking at “A,” which stands for Assessment.

How would you get to a destination if you had no map to guide you? Would you wander down random streets or follow the crowd down the busiest streets? This might get you somewhere, but not to the exact destination you want to be.

A proper assessment is your health map. It tells you where you are right at this moment (point A) and what actions need to be taken to get to your health destination or goal (point B). Without an assessment, it’s impossible to plot a route to get you from where you are currently with your health, to where you want to be. 

A good assessment also allows us to get to know your unique body. For example, on this health journey from point A to point B, are you driving a Ferrari or a Fiat? Have you had any new parts installed or any fender benders along the way? Knowing what kind of physical shape you are currently in, any injuries you’ve sustained along the way, and understanding your unique structure is vital to your ability to make the journey from the where you are currently to your health goal.

Once we’ve gathered this information on 1) where you are currently, 2) where you want to go, and 3) your unique body, we can customize a plan, or a route, to get you to your goal safely and efficiently. With the information that we’ve gathered through the assessment, there is no random exercises chosen or exercises that are done simply because everyone is doing them. Exercises are chosen based on the assessment results, tailored to you the individual, and progressed at an appropriate rate.  We never ask you to drive your car farther or faster than you are ready, which decreases the odds of an injury and allows you to keep moving towards your goal without interruption.

At AIM Human Performance, assessments take place on your first day, and every day you walk into our studio. On day one, a thorough health history is gathered and, potentially, other assessments including range of motion and strength testing to establish baselines. But this is just the start of the assessment process! Every day you arrive for a session, we begin with an assessment to see where you are that day. How is your sleep, stress, and diet? What physical activities have you participated in recently? How did you respond after our previous workout?  This is just a sample of the information we gather at each session so that your workout that day is appropriate for you and still moves you forward toward your health goal.

We believe that assessments are vital to providing you with an excellent exercise experience, hence why it’s the first letter of our name.  If you would like to set up an initial assessment with us to begin your health journey, email us at info@AIMHumanPerformance.com to set up a time. We are ready to help you plot your health map, guide you and walk with you along the journey, and help you reach your health goals!