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Self Defense for Runners

Learn how to protect yourself and fight back!

Have you ever been out on a run and suddenly felt like you were being watched? Have you ever felt your internal warning bells alerting you that something was off during an early morning or late night run? As a runner, you often spend hours alone on the road or on the trails at all hours of the day. Sometimes you may be paying attention, but other times you may be in your head focusing on your pace or even your to do list. Don’t get caught off-guard or unprepared! It’s critical to have the understanding and possess the skills to defend yourself against an attacker. This one hour class is specifically geared to runners and will teach you the skills you’ll need when logging your miles.

This 45 minute class will teach you the basics of how to defend yourself from an attacker. Topics covered include: 

  • Situational Awareness

  • Escaping Various Grabs, Chokes, and Hair Pulling

  • Proper execution of various strikes

This class is taught by first degree black belt and personal trainer, Chris Viggiano and his wife, Michelle.  They have been teaching this course throughout Northern Virginia for the last 10 years and have helped educate many on how to avoid becoming a victim. Don't miss this chance to learn the skills that may save your life!  

In Partnership with Ragnar Ambassador Candi Hoffman

This is event is presented with Candi Hoffman, DC Ragnar Warrior.  Ragnar is a relay series in which teams of 6 or 12 (or 4-8 for the trail series) will run continuously through the night to reach the finish line (and one heck of a party!).  Ragnar is all about finding your tribe and embracing the hardest fun that you'll ever have.  Candi is a local runner and while she prefers to join running buddies for her miles, she understands that sometimes solo runs happen.  This class will help you prepare for those training days where its just you and the road  and help you stay more alert when you're out for your night run.  Candi will give a mini Ragnar 101 before class starts and be available for questions and answers about the event after.

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Self Defense for Runners